We are a young research group at the Comenius University in Bratislava – a city sometimes called the “city of chemistry” due to rich history of chemical industry: Dynamit-Nobel (now Duslo a.s.) and Apollo (now Slovnaft a.s.) are present in this city from 19th century.

Our group is interested in developing new efficient ways how to make organic molecules. The main pathway, which we utilize in this regard, is the expoitation of organic redox-processes. Single electron transfer is a powerful activation mode, and this strategy can be combined with green chemistry approach, using the renewable energy of light and electricity – in photocatalysis and electrocatalysis. Similarly, we strive to harness the power of mechanical force, using piezoelectric materials to perform electron transfer-induced processes.

If our research interests piqued your curiosity, do not hesitate to contact us about opportunities to start a rearch project in our group. We are looking for new students to join our ranks!